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starsky . . . xradz . . . niemand . . .
julia zdarsky * 1967 in vienna | austria
graduate of the steiner-school, vienna
studied at the university of applied arts, vienna [caramelle | terzic]
1996 diploma with “radzebutz” | awarded by the austrian ministry of culture
visualist since 1991
starsky blithely ignores the boundaries of sub-, pop-, and high-culture.
regardless if they are light-image installations, stage-projections, imposing live-visuals
or gigantic large-format projections: julia zdarsky’s work is hard to beat in spatial impact
or substance. nothing that she can not immerse in color, form, word, and light :
architecture, structure, environment, public space! starsky employs language, phrases,
graphics, interactions, moving images, or film. all can be found here, from the striking to
the subtile, most often even in one and the same piece of work. starsky’s projectional
dimensions lift ambient-projections and projection-installations to a substantial level that
merges image, language, communication and environment to a “gesamtkunstwerk”.
visualized emotion – volatile, but unforgettable. starsky’s spacial projections work with
language, phrases, photographie, graphics, video, installation, sound, music, interaction,
object, text, politics, moving images, and film.
festivals : ars electronica, linz | transmediale, berlin | kinetica, london | mapping festival, genf | city of women, ljubljana | glow, eindhoven | medusa, gycizco, polen | . . .
large image projections : museum of islamic art, palace of the emir of qatar, doha | lifeball, city hall, vienna | state opera, university, künstlerhaus, st. stephan’s cathedral, hofburg,
bundeskanzleramt, vienna | tacheles, berlin | . . .
installationen : transformator, vaduz | around the world in 80 questions, omv, vienna | . . .
live visuals : danube rave | dub club | con-verse | pitch | female pressure | jazzanova | . . .
theater : dantes paradiso, mozarteum salzburg | irrgelichter, jugendstiltheater steinhof | kelly briefe, künstlerhaus, vienna | . . .
lectures : university of art, linz | academy of applied arts, vienna | academy of fine arts, stuttgart | sehschule, wien | . . .
network : co-founder of “poool”, “equaleyes”
and part of various other networks : ima | eop | netznetz | sonance | . . .